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Lexeffect’s impact profile makes Communication Patterns Visible.

Our language contains far more information than you may assume. Its effect is influenced by sentence structure, language behavior, word contexts and colors. The use of artificial intelligence allows us to analyze this information and identify patterns in written and spoken language. These patterns make it possible to draw psychological conclusions about communicative and personal competences.

Have you ever wondered how the way you communicate is perceived? Lexeffect creates an impact profile of our language to show the effect of communication – objectively, and on the basis of new findings.

Vertrieb und Marketing

Reaching the targeted effect in communication – Sales and Marketing

The digital age has completely changed the way we interact. We are constantly available from anywhere in the world, continuously communicating at a high pace. This influences the effect of our communication, our customer experience and constantly challenges our own corporate values. Lexeffect can help you understand the effectiveness of your communication channels by analyzing your telephone and digital marketing approaches. Targeted Impact profiles allow you to increase your response rates and sales numbers through a consistent, finely tuned corporate voice.

Personalentwicklung und Recruiting

Recognizing and Promoting Employee Potential – Personnel Development and Recruiting

Digitization means transformation and transformation requires adapting to change – fast. Streamlining the selection of suitable employees and ensuring their continuous professional development, are increasingly competitive advantages for companies. New business models, new structures and processes, new working environments. If we want to support our employees in lifelong learning, and develop their openness and willingness to change, we need to help them grow their personal behavioral repertoire. Whether you’re looking to decrease your company’s hiring process costs or reduce employee turnover, Lexeffect can help employers and employees reach their goals – together.

Training und Beratung, Speaker und Referenten

Visualizing and Measuring the Impact of Communication – Trainers and Consultants, Speakers and Instructors

The trainer and consultant industries are seeing new business opportunities through digitalization. Lexeffect’s ability to visualize the impact of communication on the basis of facts offers trend-setting possibilities to trainers, coaches and consultants. It also enables these industries to satisfy the growing demand of digital business models. Lexeffect supports the communication of customers in their daily work and improves the impact of keynotes, lectures and presentations.

Artificial Intelligence: Up close and accessible to Everyone

While the technology behind Lexeffect has been used by well-known companies for many years, Lexeffect’s impact profile now makes this technology available to everyone. Lexeffect’s 9 consolidated factors focus on the essentials of communication, and the AI behind it make it economically viable.

Whether you run a small or medium sized business, work as a trainer, coach, consultant, as a speaker or instructor – let Lexeffect help grow your business.

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Price Models For Everyone

You decide how you want to use Lexeffect: Whether you want to analyze text or audio – as a single user or in a team – for one time use or consistently – Request your individual offer now.

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