Which document types are supported?


This type is intended for the text in e-mails.

Briefing for job advertisements (Job Ad Brief)

Use this document type when analyzing a short job description. A short job description contains only the most important information and does not describe the job in detail.

Job advertisement

With this document type you analyze job advertisements/job postings.


This document type is intended for brochures that describe products, initiatives, projects or similar topics in detail.


A flyer can cover a wide range of topics. If the information is not very detailed and gives an initial overview, then this is the right document type for text analysis.


Magazines provide information on products, initiatives and similar topics. They are very detailed and vivid. If this applies to your text, use this document type.


As the name says. This type of document is intended for all newsletters or general information about a company or institution.


Use this document type if none of the above marketing types apply to your document.

Business Presentation

This document type is for all texts in which company information is prepared. This can be annual results, texts about the strategy and direction of the organization or about developments in different areas of the company.

Press Release

You want to analyze a classic press release? Then this document type is exactly right for you.

Financial QA

This document type deals with a very special application. If analysts contact you, you can analyze your answers to the questions with this document type.

Radio Report

This type of document is intended for contributions that are broadcast on the radio or used in a podcast.

Business Report

Use this document type for annual or quarterly reports of companies.


You have done a customer or employee survey? This document type analyzes the evaluations in continuous text.


None of the mentioned document types fits your application. Then please analyze with this.

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